Simeis-147/Sh2-240, The 'Spaghetti' Nebula

These files are of the Spaghetti Nebula, Sharpless 2-240 or Simeis-147. It's an incredibly faint but very large supernova remnant spanning Auriga and Taurus - over 3 degrees across but with a visual magnitude of just 15.75.

There are three sessions collected, over 3 nights. The first contains 21 FITS files, 7 each of Ha, Lum and OIII. The other two contain 12 files each, 3 each of Ha, OIII, SII and Lum. Each file is a five-minute exposure for a total of 45 x 5 minutes or 3hrs 45mins - the typical exposures for this object are more like 25-30 hours, so there is a lot more to collect.

The files are FULLY CALIBRATED - no need for darks, flats or bias or dark flats. They're ready for registering and stacking. As far as I'm aware they're calibrated well automatically by iTelescope and don't need any further attention in that area. If you really want the calibration files and the raw files then please ask and I'll see what I can do.

21st Nov 2023

22nd Nov 2023

23rd Nov 2023